Glass Stone Magnets & More

Glass stone magnets

Here’s what you will need:

*clear glass stones with flat backs
Touché carries three sizes of stones, though the medium size is most often used for magnets.
Some stones may come with a film on them. This is easily removed by either rubbing or washing the stones.

*permanent stamp pads

Touché prefers Memories stamp pads because they are permanent, dry quickly, & the rainbow pads provide many colors ...perfect when working with small stamps. Most glues that are suitable for this project are water based and would cause inks to run, unless they are permanent.

*permanent markers

Touché recommends Fabrico markers

*glue--one that dries clear and will work with glass. We recommend Crafters Pick Ultimate is a great glue with MANY uses. Diamond Glaze also works well.

*magnetic material

Touché recommends sticky back magnetic sheets for its ease & convenience


Either white or colored, depending on what you are making and your personal preference

1) Pick the stone you want to work with. Since these stones are made of glass, the size and shape can vary greatly. Some shapes/sizes may work best for the images and composition you are working with.

2)Stamp your image on cardstock. We used colored paper when stamping letters for picture frames. Otherwise, we used white cardstock so that color could be added as desired. Color images with markers. Add more color with sponges, etc.

3)There are two ways to cut out the card stock to fit the size of the stone. If you are working with an odd size or shape stone OR would like the paper to cover the entire back of the stone, apply glue to the flat part of the stone and then lay it on your stamped image. Pick it up and press the paper firmly into the glue, making sure the glue covers the entire flat surface of the stone. You should see the image(s) through the glass. This will dry clear. Don’t be afraid to move your paper have used permanent inks, it will not smear! Let this dry 10-15 minutes, then trim around the stone using a scissors.

***To make this process go quicker and easier there is a punch that is the approximate size of most medium sized stones. The one we use is a thumb punch, manufactured by EK success, and it’s orange in color. When you are done stamping and coloring simply punch the image(s) out. You can slide the cardstock into the punch and turn it over so you can see the image and center it...punching out exactly what you want. Apply glue to the flat side of the stone, put your circle, image side down, into the glue. Turn over the stone and make sure the glue is covering the stone, pressing the cardstock to the stone.

4)The sticky back sheets of magnet can be punched using the same punch described above. This will work with whatever method you have used for gluing, unless you prefer the back side of the stone completely covered with magnetic material...then glue as you did the cardstock. Peel the paper off of the magnet and attach it to the cardstock! You have a handmade magnet!

***This process works with photos as well, but, allow DAYS for the glue to WILL eventually dry and the photo will remain intact.

***You can also use this same process with small stones. Stamp out letters to spell sentimental words that can be glued on picture frames....such as MEMORIES, FAMILY, FRIENDS, etc. The small stones will also accommodate thumb tacks. Make up several, stick them into some thick cork that has been stamped and you have a truly personalized gift!

***All three sizes of stones can be made into magnets. The two larger sizes can be made into pins---just glue a pin back rather than a magnet to the flat side of the stone. The ideas are endless!

Download book instructions GLASS STONE MAGNET INSTRUCTIONS